UNIGATE® CX Connecting incompatible networks

  • Easy installation
  • Norm compliant
  • Certified
  • Ready-to-use
  • Configurable
  • Programmable
  • Designed & manufactured in Germany

Flexibility through modularity

Various Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet standards have taken over in the automation industry. The challenge of connecting these incompatible communication systems remains a big one.

UNIGATE CX DINrail modules have been developed precisely for this purpose. The units combine various Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces.

Quasi-uniting two UNIGATE CL in a modular setup, UNIGATE CXs are available for any Fieldbus/Ethernet combination. Currently, there are about 120 variants available.
Due to the constant development of new CL modules, for example in the Industrial Ethernet field, the numbers of available options are still rising.

With the UNIGATE CX modules from Deutschmann, you bring existing components into modern networks. As a device manufacturer, you save the self-development of the respective Fieldbus or Ethernet-based interfaces. The consistency of the Deutschmann UNIGATE CX series allows once generated configurations and scripts to be used for other Fieldbus and Ethernet-based versions.

UNIGATE CX - overview

  • Available for most Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet versions
  • The Fieldbus or Ethernet side meets the standards, respectively the standard market models.
  • Delivery condition with transparent data exchange
  • Brand labeling
  • Adaption of the terminal device firmware is dropped
  • Modern, slim, DINrail
  • Same dimensions in all bus versions
  • Wide voltage range from 10 to 33 VDC
  • Built-in isolation on the bus side
  • Configuration of the module via configuration tool WINGATE (Exception: LONWorks variants are
    not configurable)
  • Pre-configured according to the customer
  • Free programming via Protocol Developer (Deutschmann Script language) for more complex applications
  • Replica of proprietary protocols
  • Additional debug interface on board

Data sheet


  • Complete CANopen Slave interface
  • CANopen master functionality (via script)
  • CAN layer 2 (11bit and 29bit identifier) (via script)
  • 10 kBit/s - 1 Mbit/s (125 kbit/s until 1 Mbit/s adjustable)
  • CANopen version 4.02 supported
  • Isolated CANopen interface with 9-pin. D-sub-connector
  • Generic EDS file (by configuration)
  • Up to 32 TPDO and 32 RPDO 
  • Up to 255 Bytes input- and 255 Bytes output data


  • Complete LONWorks Slave interface
  • 78 kBit/s
  • Transceiver FTT-10A
  • Fixed Neuron ID
  • Isolated LONWorks with 4-pin. screw connector
  • LONWorks variables (SNVTs and UNVTs) controlled via script. Not configurable.
  • Up to 512 Bytes input- and 512 Bytes output data

Technical data

(WxDxH in mm)

46 x 117 x 100 (incl. screw-plug-connector)
46 x 117 x 106 (without screw-plug-connector)


251 g

Mounting DINrail (EN 50022)v
Supply voltage 10 up to 33 Volt DC
Protection against incorrect polarity, short circuit and overload integrated
Current consumption (at +24V/DC) typ. 78mA, max. 94mA
Operating temperature -40°C (non condensing) up to +85°C
Storage-/Transport temperature -40°C ... +85°C
Fieldbus functions All specified CANopen Slave functions
All specified LONWorks Slave functions
Technology ASIC
Certificates CE