Deutschmann Automation

Deutschmann Automation designs and manufactures protocol converters, fieldbus- and Industrial Ethernet Gateways and embedded solutions as well as development tools for industrial data communication in the industry 4.0 environment.

Company profile

Deutschmann Automation was founded in 1976 and became known in the 1980s with electronic cam controls.

The German medium-sized company has also been developing and manufacturing innovative network components for industrial data communication in the Industry 4.0 environment for three decades.
The prodcut range under the brand name UNIGATE® includes flexible protocol converters, easy to integrate embedded solutions, and ready-to-use fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet gateways.

Michael M. Reiter, General Manager Marketing and Sales, Deutschmann Automation, says: “Today, our company stands for innovative strength in the development of new network components and solutions for a wide range of applications ‒ while at the same time providing consistency in our product range and comprehensive customer support.”

Deutschmann Automation

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Introducing Deutschmann Automation, the specialist for industrial communication.


Economic efficiency and reliability

Economic efficiency and maximum reliability make our products indispensable throughout the world. Our full service offers you everything:

  • From consultancy prior to purchase through to user support
  • From our Support via phone, Internet or e-mail through to on-site service
  • From technical product training through to comprehensive manuals
  • You buy an all-in, individual service.

Precision and quality

The two most important aspects in manufacture of all our products are precision and quality.
This applies both to the individual components and to the finished device.

Dynamism, efficiency and creativity

We are there for you. Both before and after you buy. You can also visit us at one of the technical trade fairs.
Reap the benefits of the dynamism, efficiency and creativity of a globally operating company since there are huge advantages in doing so!

  • Longevity of innovation
  • Your product selection also lasts in the long term
  • Innovative strength

All the concerns of your applications are included, right from the very start, in innovations and new product concepts.

Export reliability

Worldwide acceptance thanks to a major name - very important in the hotly contested marketplace for machines and installations.

Milestones of Deutschmann Automation:

The company was founded in 1976 by Walfried Deutschmann, who in the first few years developed and manufactured customer-specific printed circuit boards in small quantities. At the beginning of the 1980s, the priciple of a mechanical cam control was implemented in an electronic control. The product portfolio includes simple devices with eight outputs through to multi-axis versions.

In 1989, new series of electronic cam controls named LOCON was designed. Thanks to the proprietary DICNET (Deutschmann-Industry-Controller-Net) protocol as a unique selling proposition, LOCON offered connectivity and furthermore was also more cost-effective than any previous solution. Two years later, the entire cam control was a success right from the start. If requested, Deutschmann develops innovative cam controls with connections for Interbus and PROFIBUS - the first products were presented at the Hannover fair in 1994

With the further development of these Fieldbus modules and the implementation of serial interfaces, Deutschmann's UNIGATE® product series was born. Since in the first years following this, numerous customer-specific adaptations of the devices were required, Deutschmann developed a Script language that allowed for free programming of data exchange between application and fieldbus level.


In 2001, the Embedded Solutions UNGATE® IC series for integration into the customer's own electronics was presented.

From 2006 onwards, Deutschman expanded the product range to include Ethernet-based products such as EtherCAT, Powerlink, EtherNet/IP and PROFINET. Several Gateway series were introduced in 2014 - for example: UNIGATE® CM for the connection of CAN to all Ethernet protocols - round off the portfolio of products. 

In 2019, Deutschmann introduced the new ARM-based embedded module series UNIGATE® IC2 for fast communication in the IoT network and thus offers a significant leap in performance compared to the proven UNIGATE® IC series.

1980: Cam Controls

1989: First own bus system

1996: First Fieldbus Gateways

2006: Expansion Ethernet Portfolio

2013: Powerful new Gateway series

2017: Industrie 4.0