Certificates & Conformity

Fieldbus compliance - Ethernet compliance

Deutschmann UNIGATE products are, where possible, tested and pre-certified for Fieldbus / Ethernet conformity. The certification test is mainly carried out by the respective Fieldbus organization. However, in some cases, the test can also be carried out in a company-internal manner using a program specified by the Fieldbus organization.
The (pre) certification is not only designed to ensure that our products meet the relevant Fieldbus / Ethernet specifications, but also to simplify the product certification of our customers, which usually must be carried out for their devices additionally.

Numerous Fieldbus organizations use independent, accredited test laboratories for the test. This ensures that the Fieldbus products meet the respective standard and interoperability is ensured.

Our products have already successfully passed numerous certification tests. We offer our customers support in the certification of their products.


CE conformity

Since 1996, all electronic products used in Europe must have a CE marking. In addition, the EMC Directive is mandatory for electrical and electronic products for end customers. This is a regulation of the European Community. It stands for "Electromagnetic Compatibility (of Electrical and Electronic Products)". Deutschmann UNIGATE products are considered embedded components in this context. For components and thus for UNIGATE products the CE-mark is not legally prescribed. Nevertheless, we check our products according to the CE requirements. We want to make the use of Deutschmann devices easier for our customers and offer them a reliable criterion.

Due to legal changes, the Deutschmann CE declarations of conformity have been adapted, these are now available as a separate PDF download with the respective manuals downloads. The declarations within the manuals are no longer valid.


AEO Certification

No. of Certificate DE AEOF 113027
Certificate (PDF)

1. Certificate holder

Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG
EORI-Number: DE 2408643
No. official listing: HRA 2543 
VAT ID.: DE 230964463

2. Authorizing Agency

Hauptzollamt Gießen
Grünberger Str. 100
35394 Gießen

Deutschmann Automation GmbH & Co. KG is an authorized economic operator with custom simplification / certitudes.

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ISO 9001

In the year 2000 Deutschmann Automation has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 for the first time.

At present the re-certification according to ISO 9001 is being prepared and it will be completed in the course of the year 2023.