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The fast way to Industrial Ethernet

The widest variety of devices must be interconnected in the Industrie 4.0. environment. With our products, you can implement the different fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces quickly and reliably. Under the brand name UNIGATE® we offer various protocol converters, gateway series and embedded solutions as core components for IoT based systems.

What does a UNIGATE® do?

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  • Connects communication systems
  • It's the ticket to all buses
  • Optimizes time-to-market
  • Flexible solution for complex tasks
  • Modularity of communication interfaces
  • Easy to integrate
News from Deutschmann Automation:

Deutschmann Script language - Ultimate Flexibility

For more complex applications, which cannot be represented via a pure configuration, we offer the Deutschmann Script language for the flexible, proprietary protocol connection between the UNIGATE module and the terminal device. With the help of the free Deutschmann software Protocol Developer, you control the data traffic between the application and the bus system without having to change the firmware of the terminal.

Find out more about Protocol Developer
Supported bus systems and connections

Deutschmann Produkte - Made in Germany

  • Designed & manufactured in Germany
  • Easy installation
  • Norm compliant
  • Certified
  • Ready-to-use
  • Configurable
  • Programmable
  • Long-term availability