Electronic cam controls

Even in times of fast PLCs, electronic cam controls remain an essential tool.

  • Short, constant cycle times and a high number of outputs
  • High maximum load currents of 1A
  • Dynamic idle time compensation
  • Logic functionalities

The modern LOCON®- and ROTARNOCK®- cam controls handle these tasks easily and are way ahead of their competitors

Conventional devices:

The LOCON® series is based on the traditional concept of a seperate cam control and actual value acquisition. The devices are operated either by means of the integrated keypad or a connected PC, or via a fieldbus system. 

Integrated devices:

The ROTARNOCK® series is an intelligent solution combining cam control and actual value acquisition. The devices can be operated via a terminal, a PC, or a fieldbus system. 


Terminals, software tools, cables etc.


Find all information about our cam controls in the following catalogue:

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