Protocol Developer V.3.0.0

Deutschmann script language for the flexible protocol connection between UNIGATE modules and your end device.

The Protocol Developer is based on the self-explanatory script language developed by Deutschmann, which runs on all UNIGATE products on protocol converters, embedded solutions and gateways. The programming of the modules allows the mapping of complex applications that cannot be represented by a pure configuration.

Version V.3.0.0 offers modern icons for the toolbar, a simplification of the configuration, an extended syntax highlighting and an auto-completion of commands. In addition, the handling of the variables has been optimized and the user experience in the debugger has been improved.

Features and improvements

Monitor variables

  • In debug sessions, variables can be added to the list of monitored variables via the context menu (right-click on Variable -> "Monitor variable") or with the F11 key.
  • The compiler informs about unused variables.

Extended syntax highlighting

  • Script commands, string constants, and comments are highlighted. The colours used for highlighting can be adjusted in the settings dialogue.

Automatic completion of commands

  • The key combination <Ctrl> + <SPACE> initiates the dialog for automatic completion. The dialogue shows an alphabetically sorted list of matching commands. The list is narrowed down further by further input.

Precompiled source view

  • The source view supports the display of the precompiled source code. Due to features such as automatic type processing and source inclusion, the line numbers of the precompiled source and the original source may differ. Compiler messages refer to precompiled sources. Therefore, the display of the precompiled source can be activated via the compiler dialogue, the view menu and the context menu.
  • A "goto line" dialogue was added.
  • Double-clicking a compiler error message takes you to the affected line in the source view.
  • Configuration files are now retrieved through search folders instead of explicit file references. A list of the active configuration files can be found under "Help-> Info-> Current configuration files".
  • Modern toolbar icon set.

Optimizations and bug fixes

  • The debug view setup now persists between debug sessions. Selection lists are sorted alphabetically.
  • Return codes displayed in the status bar are colour-coded.
  • Entries in the error window are provided with a time stamp.
  • The settings dialogue has been restructured.
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