UNIGATE® Workshop

Implementation and Programming

The 'UNIGATE - Implementation and Programming' Workshop teaches you how to connect your hardware quickly and easily to the desired fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet standard. Whether you need PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, CANopen or EtherCAT - with UNIGATE you won't be Lost In Communication.


The first part of the seminar shows you how to connect your hardware to the required fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet standard using Deutschmann's UNIGATE modules.

The second part of the seminar presents you with the basics and application of the Deutschmann Script language "Protocol Developer". The Script language allows the mapping of complex applications, which cannot be presented via a pure configuration.

Each workshop participant receives an EVA-KIT for the Deutschmann Script language. With this bus-independent Evaluation Kit Scripts can be developed and tested. This Script runs on all types of series of Deutschmann UNIGATE Gateways.

The seminar participants are asked to bring a laptop with a Windows operating system and full admin rights, as well as potential hardware for practical exercises for the workshop.


Start 8:30 AM
  • Brief overview of the important fieldbus systems and Industrial Ethernet
  • Characteristics of a bus system - view on the different parameters of various buses and what must be taken into account during a script programming.
  • Short product presentation of the UNIGATE CL and UNIGATE IC series. Introduction of the configuration tool 'WINGATE'
  • Implementation of UNIGATE into your own hardware: What to consider, direct implementation, design of a carrier board, etc.
  • Examples
Lunch 12:00 - 13:00 PM
  • Software Tool 'Protocol Developer' - program structure, syntax, online help, sample scripts, etc.
  • Creation of a pattern copy for transparent data exchange and simple RS-Protocol
  • Bus systems - accessing and exchanging bus data via script language, buffering, processing, etc.
  • 'Easily switching to another bus' - Adapt existing scripts to a different bus system
  • Tips and tricks - Considering several bus systems in one script, mapping different products with different configurations in one script, etc.
  • Possible questions
End: approx. 17:00 PM

Workshop Options

We offer you the following options:

  • Workshop with EVA-Kit (the EVA-Kit is suited to learn the Script language): € 89,00 per participant.
  • Workshop and Developer Kit UNIGATE IC-AB incl. 1 UNIGATE IC of your choice: Special pricing for this package is
    € 350,00. In individual terms, the Developer Kit UNIGATE IC-AB costs € 295,00 plus ca. € 120,00 for the UNIGATE IC (depending on the model)