Powerful Fast Ethernet/Modbus TCP Embedded Module

For quick and reliable implementation of a Fast Ethernet/Modbus TCP interface

New Fast Ethernet/Modbus TCP Embedded Module

sps 2019: Deutschmann Automation Presents Powerful Fast Ethernet /Modbus TCP Communications Module for Industry 4.0 

Bad Camberg, Germany – Deutschmann Automation, the specialist for industrial data communication, presents the embedded solution UNIGATE IC2 Fast Ethernet/Modbus TCP - for quick and reliable implementation of a Fast Ethernet/Modbus TCP interface - at sps 2019 in Hall 5, Booth 328. The ready-to-use all-in-one bus node can be installed directly in an industrial device or sensor system and thus makes it Industry 4.0-capable. With UNIGATE IC2, design times and time-to-market of the end product can be significantly optimized in comparison to an interface developed by the customer.

The new UNIGATE IC2 embedded series from Deutschmann Automation integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 processor and offers a significant performance increase, compared to the proven UNIGATE IC series, which enables faster communication with the application side via SPI or UART. The SPI bus currently achieves a transfer rate of 12 Mbit/s (33 Mbit/s planned) in master mode and 10 Mbit/s in slave mode. The UART interface supports baud rates of up to 7.5 Mbaud.

For proprietary protocol connection between the UNIGATE IC2 module and the terminal device, Deutschmann offers in-house developed script language, which features a high degree of flexibility and complexity. Programming is carried out with the free Protocol Developer tool from Deutschmann Automation. With the UNIGATE IC2 embedded series, the script execution time can be reduced by a factor of 50 to 80 compared to predecessor products. Simple scripts can be executed within few microseconds.

With the embedded solutions of UNIGATE IC and UNIGATE IC2 series, Deutschmann Automation offers a complete family of different fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet communication modules. If the UNIGATE socket has been integrated into a device, the entire bus variety of products offered by Deutschmann is available. The powerful UNIGATE IC2 modules are upward and downward compatible to the widely used UNIGATE IC embedded solutions from Deutschmann, which continue to be available and are supported. Existing scripts for protocol connection of the all-in-one bus nodes can still be used.

Deutschmann Automation delivers various series of Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet gateways, and embedded solutions as well as development tools for the realization of Industry 4.0 under the brand name UNIGATE. The compatible data communication products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Please visit Deutschmann Automation at sps 2019 in Hall 5, Booth 328.

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