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Contaval - Our Partner in Spain

Contaval | Automatización Industrial

Contaval was founded in 1982 offering to our customers industrial automation devices like pulse counters or temperature regulators. Today, we are a modern company that offers advanced techonological solutions through more than 50 world wide suppliers.

Contaval success is clearly linked to the great professionals and people that form their team. When high technical background is mixed with passion for job, honestity and implication then we can provide the right solution and best service to our more than 2000 customers.

Our staff is formed by 50 people. 11 of them are Field Sales Engineers that cover all the country.

Contaval has evolved a lot during the last years and has adapted to the needs of an every time more demanding market. However, there is something that did not change during this almost 40 years:

  • Cooperation and team: none of us is as good as we all together.
  • Empathy and implication: our job is done hand by hand with the customer.
  • Innovation: we are always looking for the most innovative solutions.
  • Knowledge: our key added value is our technical knowledge.
  • Honesty, responsability and kindness: be transparent and responsable but do not stop being kind.
  • Quality: look for the excellence.

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