Starter Kits for Gateways

everything for a fast laboratory testing

  • Quick test setup
  • Easy handling
  • Master simulation
  • Add-on optionally available
  • Economical

Starter Kit

Deutschmann Starter Kits have been arranged in such a way, that a connection of your product to the selected fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet at the laboratory bench is possible in a fast and reasonable manner. Our starterkits are split into two in order to meet different customer requests:

  • The Starter Kit contains the Gateway according to the selected bus, the corresponding cables, the power supply unit as well as a DVD with the software tool, an instruction manual

  • The Add-On contains a master simulation, for the fast and reasonable testing of the bus-side. Depending on the bus, the package may also include technical literature on the selected bus (for variations please read the detailed description of the respective Add-On.) Of course it is also possible to use already existing bus masters instead of the Add-On.
  • Please note that for each fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet one individual Starter Kit and Add-On is required.