PROFIBUS-DP-Master Simulator

  • Universal
  • Easy data exchange 
  • Exchange without type file possible
  • Exchange without PB master data possible

Master Simulator

The PROFIBUS master simulator is a simple universal tool for the data exchange with PROFIBUS-slaves via PROFIBUS-DP. The PROFIBUS master simulator can exchange data with many PROFIBUS-slaves, even without a type file and without PROFIBUS master data. In addition to the master simulator, we also provide software for operation with the Deutschmann Gateways.

PROFIBUS DPV0 Master Simulator

This master simulator supports the PROFIBUS DPV0 standard. The product is only available in the add-on PROFIBUS DPV0. The add-on package can be found under the starter kits for PROFIBUS.

Order data

Order designation Description Order number
Add-On Profibus DPV0 Add-On Profibus DPV0 P1047