UNIGATE® CL Protocol Converter for DINrail

  • Norm compliant
  • Certified
  • Configurable
  • Programmable
  • Eplan macro available
  • Ready-to-use
  • Designed and manufactured in Germany

Protocol Converter for all devices with a serial interface

The reliable Protocol Converter UNIGATE CL connects devices such as automation components via their serial interfaces to the required fieldbus or industrial Ethernet standard. RS232, RS485 and RS422 interfaces are on Board as a standard feature.

The communication between the serial side and the bus takes place either through the device configuration and a selection of the commercially available protocol, such as Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU (Master or slave), 3964 (R) (e. g. for RK512) or the device is controlled by a script for protocols such as DIN measuring bus, DIN 19244 or other proprietary protocols.

This Script is created with the free PC tool, ‘Protocol Developer’. You decide whether you want to program the Script yourself or hire Deutschmann Automation to do so.

A special feature of the UNIGATE CL series is Brand labeling. With the customized design Deutschmann Automation not only gives you the opportunity to pre-configure the device and choose different housing colors, you can also apply your own logo.

UNIGATE CL - overview

  • Available for most fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet versions
  • RS232, RS485- and RS422 interfaces are on Board
  • When using the RS485 interface, multiple terminal devices can be used on a Protocol Converter
  • Same design on the serial side in all bus versions
  • The fieldbus or Ethernet side meets the standards, respectively the standard market models.
  • Brand labeling
  • Adaptation of the terminal device firmware is not required
  • Modern, slim DINrail
  • Same dimensions in all bus variants
  • Wide voltage rane from 10 to 33 VDC
  • Built-in isolation on the bus side, optionally on the serial side
  • Configuration of the module via configuration tool WINGATE (Exception: LONWorks variants)
  • Modbus RTU (Master/Slave)
  • Modbus ASCII (Master/Slave)
  • up to 24 Modbus requests configurable
  • 3964(R) protocol
  • Transparent protocol
  • SSI protocol for transducer (gray code or binary code)
  • Pre-configured according to customer
  • Free programming with Protocol Developer (Deutschmann Script language)
  • Replica of proprietary protocols
  • Additional debug interface on board
  • Complete MPI Slave interface
  • MPI master functionallitiy (via script)
  • Isolated MPI interface with 9-pin. D-sub connector
  • Up to 255 Bytes input- and 255 Bytes output data
  • RS232/RS485/RS422 up to 625 kBaud

Technical data

(WxDxH in mm)

23 x 117 x 111 (screw-plug-connector included)
23 x 117 x 100 (screw-plug-connector not included)


approx. 123 g

Protection class IP20 
Housing material Polyamid
Mounting DINrail (EN 50022)
Power supply 10 bis 33 Volt DC
Protection against incorrect polarity, short circuit and overload integrated
Current consumption (at +24V/DC) typ. 60mA, max.70mA
Operating temperature -40°C (non condensing) up to +85°C
Storage-/transport temperature -40°C ... +85°C
Fieldbus functions All specified MPI functions
Technology ASIC
Certifications CE
Galvanic division Standard for the bus side
Options Galvanic division for the application side


Order data

Order designation Description Order number
UNIGATE CL-MPI DIN-rail module with seral interface - RS232, 422 and 485 on-board - to MPI. Additional Debug-interface, Housing: sky blue RAL 5015 V3556
UNIGATE CL-GT-MPI DIN-rail module with seral interface - RS232, 422 and 485 on-board - to MPI. Additional Debug-interface, Housing: sky blue RAL 5015. Additional galvanic separation RS-side (RS-Interface) V33864
Optional Neutral version on request
Optional Customized design on request
Note: Further variants can be found in the brochure and the price list.