UNIGATE@cloud The Secure Cloud Gateway

  • Security through hardware data diode
  • Key switch as access protection
  • Flexible Fieldbus connection
  • Perfect for Industry 4.0 retrofitting
  • Ready-to-use Cloud solution

UNIGATE@Cloud - Sneak Peek

The UNIGATE@Cloud from Deutschmann Automation collects data from the Fieldbus level and brings it safely into the cloud. The safety concept is based on a data diode which ensures that the communication is possible in only one direction - from the data source to the safe network. The return channel is electrically isolated and can only be activated for configuration purposes via a key switch.

Therefor it is technically impossible to connect to the system from the outside in order to steal or manipulate data. The real hardware-based separation also excludes the usual weaknesses of security hardware: faulty configuration by the user or security gaps in the device software.

The overall concept also includes the connection to the cloud and can be used directly without further installation.

The first UNIGATE@Cloud will be available at the end of 2017.


Security for simple upgrade of Industry 4.0 in existing industrial plants

The UNIGATE@Cloud Gateways can be integrated in existing industrial plants without additional effort. Whereby, the configuration of the individual machines is not affected. Access is made via bus systems that permit a subsequent integration, e.g. the master-master communication in MPI, PROFIBUS or Modbus systems. Therefor the UNIGATE@Cloud offers a unique integration at the highest security level.


  • WAN Ethernet, Feldbus MPI
  • WAN Ethernet, Feldbus PROFIBUS-Slave
  • WAN Ethernet, Feldbus ModbusTCP (Master/Slave)
  • WAN Ethernet, Feldbus PROFINET-IO
  • Further fieldbus connections are in preparation