UNIGATE CX: New functions for CANopen & CAN Layer 2

The flexible Gateway supports almost any combination of different fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces to connect incompatible networks.

Improved functionalities

Deutschmann Automation has expanded its flexible UNIGATE CX gateway series with numerous functions. The industrial DIN rail modules support almost any combination of different, common fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces to connect incompatible networks. The improved functionality applies above all to CANopen and CAN Layer 2 bus systems.

For CANopen, a mapping for communication object identifiers (COB-IDs) is available, which enables the illustration of data of one fieldbus to any other fieldbus, i.e. the individual copying of process data, is possible. All data provided by the corresponding fieldbuses can be used as output data. The mapping works in both directions, i.e. from master to slave and vice versa. For example, it can be defined that the 2nd byte of the COB-ID201 (CANopen® participant) is transferred into the fieldbus data as 7th byte. In addition to mapping for COB-IDs, the functions node guarding, EMCY messages and mapping of SDO objects are also supported.

For CAN Layer 2, configurable protocols are available, which can be used to transfer CAN data one-to-one (1:1) to a fieldbus. In addition, it is also possible to filter COB-IDs so that only these CAN data are transferred 1:1 to a fieldbus.

The UNIGATE CX gateways can be configured quickly with the WINGATE software developed by Deutschmann Automation. For complex applications, programming of a script is preferred. For this purpose, the Deutschmann Protocol Developer tool is provided free of charge.

Deutschmann Automation’s modular UNIGATE CX gateway series integrates two UNIGATE CL modules. More than 120 fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interface variants are possible, e.g. PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET, CANopen to EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP to PROFINET.

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