UNIGATE IC Powerlink

All-in-one Bus Node for POWERLINK Connectivity

UNIGATE IC Powerlink - Sneak Peek

Deutschmann Automation, the specialist for industrial data communication, presents the flexible UNIGATE IC POWERLINK module. The powerful all-in-one bus node implements a POWERLINK connectivity according to the open Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group (EPSG) standard. The globally established POWERLINK bus protocol not only features fast transmission speed but also high real-time capability.

With the ready-to-use UNIGATE IC POWERLINK, development costs and time-to-market of the final product can be significantly optimized compared with an interface developed by customers themselves. As with every all-in-one bus node of the UNIGATE family, the new module can be easily integrated. The actual application of the customer is altered as little as possible.

UNIGATE IC POWERLINK consists of a microcontroller, Flash, RAM, and two Ethernet POWERLINK interfaces including PHYs. The module can be connected via a UART interface to the microcontroller of the terminal device. It is also suitable for stand-alone operation.

An easy-to-learn, self-explaining script language allows for the connection of the all-in-one bus node and the terminal device. Deutschmann’s Protocol Developer is a free tool for generation of the script. It is easy to use and specifically optimized to the bus communication. The programming allows the mapping of complex applications, which cannot be presented via a pure configuration.

Deutschmann Automation delivers various series of Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet gateways, and embedded solutions as well as development tools for the realization of Industry 4.0 under the brand name UNIGATE. The compatible data communication products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Available III/2018