Flexible Gateway-Series

Almost any combination of different Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces possible to connect different incompatible networks.

By using a UNIGATE® CX gateway, system manufacturers can save themselves the time-consuming development of suitable network interfaces and significantly reduce the development time for their products.

The flexible UNIGATE® CX gateway series is based on two UNIGATE® CL modules from Deutschmann Automation. Thanks to the modular design, more than 120 variants of fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interface solutions can be implemented, e.g. PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET, CANopen to EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP to PROFINET.

To ensure high flexibility, the UNIGATE® CX gateways can be configured quickly and conveniently using the WINGATE software developed by Deutschmann. More complex applications that cannot be presented via configuration can be programmed using the in-house developed script language. The free Protocol Developer tool from Deutschmann, which is optimized for bus communication tasks, is available for generating the script. Programming can be carried out by the customer or by Deutschmann. An adaptation of the hardware or software of the terminal device is not necessary.

UNIGATE CX product details