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CE-declaration of conformity

Due to legal changes we have adapted the CE-declarations of conformity. The declarations are now available as separate PDF downloads in the download section of the respective manuals. The declarations within the device manuals are no longer valid.

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Conflict Minerals Statement

Conflict Minerals Statement of Deutschmann's EMS Partner Asteelflash for download. 

Statement (PDF)


We are neither manufacturer nor importer of substances and formulations that are mandatory for registration, but we are a downstream user. Therefore there is no necessity for us to register subtances or formulations. Provided that we get information on the containedness of a hazardous substance or formulation from our suppliers this information will be made available here on our website and we will act REACH-compliant.

REACH Statement from Deutschmann Automation (PDF)


Reverse-Charge-Mechanism for Intra-German steel, metal- and stainless steel deliveries.

Download (PDF)

RoHS - Reduction of Hazardous Substances

Our products with the brand name


correspond to the RoHS guideline 2011/65/EU. 

RoHS Statement from Deutschmann Automation (PDF)

WEEE - Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Our products with the brand names 

  • Speedy



have been checked from the foundation 'elektro-altgeräte-register' and the regulation does not apply to them. Our products are exclusively used in the B2B-field.