Powerful Gateways for the communication of different bus variants

UNIGATE® CMCAN/CANopen to all Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet

The UNIGATE CM Gateways connect CAN/CANopen-Participants to all Fieldbus- and Industrial Ethernet systems that are supported by Deutschmann. The reliable components can be quickly and easily configured and immediately be put into operation. The compact IP20 module with dimensions of 23 mm x 115 mm x 100 mm can be easily mounted on the DIN rail.

UNIGATE® ELEthernet to various Fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet

UNIGATE EL Gateways connect Ethernet-Participants to all Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet systems that are supported by Deutschmann. The EL series enables a quick and easy configuration with the software WINGATE developed by Deutschmann. As a result, quickly integratable, reliable network components, which come very close to a plug & play solution, are available as central devices for Industry 4.0 applications.

UNIGATE® CXMaking incompatible networks compatible

UNIGATE CX DINrail modules have been developed to connect incompatible communication systems. The units combine various Fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet interfaces. Quasi-uniting two UNIGATE CL in a modular setup, UNIGATE CXs are available for any Fieldbus/Ethernet combination.