EVA-Kit Evaluation-Kit - Develop and test Scripts

  • Ideal for testing the script language
  • Bus-independant
  • High efficieny

Bus-independent Evaluation-Kit

With this bus-independant Evaluation-Kit you can develop and test Scripts. The Scripts run on all Deutschmann UNIGATE Gateways. Usually you have to configure fieldbus - and Industrial Ethernet-Gateways / protocol converters for your application. Of course this is how it basically works with the Deutschmann products as well.

However, the Deutschmann Script language expands the capacity of the Deutschmann products, since data can be preprocessed, formatted, edited, calculated, buffered.

EVA-Kit - components

  • 1 EVA-Board
  • 1 USB cable for the voltage supply of the board from the PC
  • 1 brief instruction paper
  • 1 DVD with all drivers, tools, script examples


订货名称 描述 订货号
EVA-Kit EVA-Kit P5000