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PROTOCOL DEVELOPER - Deutschmann Script language


The heart of the Deutschmann UNIGATE/Gateway series

  • Flexible solutions are needed. With the usual configuration tools for protocol converters and gateways, the user has to work with the specifications of the manufacturer. To change this unfortunate condition Deutschmann developed its own script language as early as in 1999.
  • The user only needs to process the data of the bus and barely has to look after the special characteristics of the fieldbus.
  • The PROTOCOL DEVELOPER supports a variety of functions to fit the received or to send data into the right 'form'. Mathematics- or memory processing commands are known from other Script languages and are implemented in an easy to understand way. Therefor even laymen will be able to handle it with ease.
  • Furthermore the neatly arranged selection of examples enables a quick introduction to laymen.
  • Another highlight is the included debug functionality. The common functionalities such as Single-step, running and stopping on breakpoint are available.
  • Great emphasis is put on data security. You can activate sepcial error detection routines on request.

What exactly is a script?

A script is a sequence of commands executed in a given order. A command is always a small, firmly outlined task. The script language also knows commands that control the program flow in the script, which is why you can assemble even complex processes with the simple commands.

Example Scripts

For all Script commands we are offering examples for download here.

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The UNIGATE WEB-servers feature a "Server-Side-Include" (SSI) functionality. It means that the HTML-pages are structured dynamically. If the UNIGATE finds the placeholder of a variable, that is described by a variable name, then it replaces its place by the corresponding String. The other way round Strings that are passed on from the HTML-page through "POST" with the corresponding variable name are copied to the corresponding Script buffer. Now the Script reads the String that was sent through the example-HTML-page (ssi.html) with the button "Change Scriptvariable" and issues the String via the HTML-page again.

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